Poletop Equipment and Replacement 2
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    This 60-minute DVD explains how overhead capacitors and voltage regulators work, how to detect problems in their operation, and how to safely replace them if necessary. Includes the basic theory and operating characteristics of overhead capacitors and voltage regulators.

    Training Sessions
    • Poletop Capacitors – 12 minutes
      Describes the basic construction and operation of a typical capacitor used on a distribution feeder. Defines the term power factor and explains how capacitors are used to improve power factor.
    • Troubleshooting Poletop Capacitors – 10 minutes
      Describes the basic parts of a capacitor bank installed on an overhead feeder. Identifies items that should be checked during a visual inspection of a capacitor bank.
    • Poletop Capacitor Replacement – 8 minutes
      Demonstrates how a poletop capacitor bank can be isolated and safely discharged. Demonstrates how a damaged poletop capacitor bank can be safely removed and replaced.
    • Poletop Voltage Regulators – 13 minutes
      Describes the construction and operation of induction voltage regulators and step voltage regulators. Explains the operation of a voltage regulator control circuit.
    • Troubleshooting Poletop Voltage Regulators – 7 minutes
      Describes the basic parts of a step voltage regulator installed on an overhead feeder. Demonstrates how to troubleshoot a malfunctioning step voltage regulator.
    • Poletop Voltage Regulator Replacement – 9 minutes
      Describes one method of safely zeroing and isolating a voltage regulator before changeout. Demonstrates how to safely remove a step voltage regulator from an overhead feeder and install a replacement unit.


    Support Materials Available

    Student workbook, instructor guide.