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Cable Splicer's Handbook

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The Cable Splicer's Handbook is a comprehensive reference that shows the correct ways to splice and terminate medium voltage (2.5 kV through 46 kV) underground cables. Coverage includes heat-shrink, cold-shrink, and slide-on splices and terminations. It also covers elbow terminations, molded rubber splices and contains an in-depth chapter on paper-insulated lead-covered (PILC) splices and terminations.

This book goes beyond just splicing. It shows the tools and supplies used by cable splicers, how to install connectors, and explains essential safety precautions when working on underground cables. It covers several ways to install medium voltage underground cables, explains how cables can be damaged during installation, and how to test and maintain cables. It includes helpful tips for cable splicers, and shows examples of poor workmanship.

Well-illustrated with more than 470 color photos and diagrams.

The Cable Splicer's Handbook and watching the related videos (sold separately), help prepare splicers for certification by the National Cable Splicing Certification Board.

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