Cable Terminations DVD

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This 49-minute DVD explains the principles of high-voltage cable terminations and demonstrates how such cable terminations are made. It explains the problems associated with voltage stress and the function of stress cones. It includes demonstrations of how to make several different kinds of cable terminations. It also covers how to make a high-voltage termination in a substation.

Training Sessions

Introduction to Terminations - 7 minutes
Describes the function of a cable termination. Identifies and describes three types of terminations.

Tape Terminations - 8 minutes
Describes or demonstrates how to install a tape termination.

Elbow Terminations - 9 minutes
Distinguishes between load-break and non-load-break elbow terminations. Describes or demonstrates how to install an elbow termination on a primary URD cable.

Porcelain Terminations - 7 minutes
How to recognize and identify porcelain primary terminations. Describes and demonstrates how to install a porcelain termination.

Rubber Cable Terminations - 10 minutes
Demonstrates how to install a molded, slip-on rubber termination, a cold-shrink rubber termination, and a heat-shrink rubber termination.

PILC Cable Terminations - 8 minutes
Demonstrates one method of installing a termination on a paper-insulated lead-covered (PILC) cable.