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SKU: FSA-SKL - Fire Safety Extinguishers


This videoshows how to use portable fire extinguishers during early-stage responses to small fires.It begins with a brief review of what fire" is, the classes of fires, and how to respond to each class.Common fire hazards at electric utilities are identified. Preventative measures are discussed. Response and evacuation procedures are covered.

The four steps for extinguishing a fire are demonstrated:
1. Pull the pin
2. Aim low
3. Squeeze the lever
4. Sweep
PASS is given as a memory aid - it - s the first letter of each step.

To grab and hold your attention, the video intersperses dramatic film clips: a polemounted transformer explodes in the face of a lineman in bucket truck, padmount transformers spill burning oil, a large substation is engulfed in flames.

19 minutes, by Georgia Power