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Material Handling Bucket Trucks DVD

SKU: MHB-DVD - Material Handling Bucket Trucks DVD



This 46-minute DVD covers the operation of material handling bucket trucks, and focuses on the material handling features that distinguish this truck from other types of bucket trucks, including the winch, jib, and conductor lifting attachments. Explains and demonstrates truck positioning, lift capacity, and conductor lifting attachments that can make a material handling bucket truck even more useful in the field. Some familiarity with basic bucket trucks is assumed.

Training Sessions

Introduction - 8 minutes
Explains why a material handling bucket truck can lift heavy loads without additional equipment or special rigging. Compares and contrasts a material handling bucket truck with a basic bucket truck.

Winch, Jib, and Lifting Attachments - 6 minutes
Describes the basic operation of a winch and a jib. Describes the use of conductor lifting attachments.

Lift Capacity - 9 minutes
Defines lift capacity. Describes conditions that can affect lift capacity. Explains how data plates, lift capacity charts, and load indicators are used.

Truck and Boom Positioning - 6 minutes
Describes some of the conditions that can affect truck positioning. Explains overcenter positioning and conventional positioning of the upper boom.

Lifting a Transformer - 7 minutes
Describes basic preparations for lifting jobs that involve the use of a material handling bucket truck. Describes one way to install a poletop transformer using a material handling bucket truck. Defines deflection and explains how safety hazards presented by deflection can be avoided.

Lifting Conductors - 10 minutes
Describes three types of conductor lifting attachments: hooks, single-phase wire holders, and three-phase wire lifters. Explains how these attachments are used.