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Pole Framing & Guying DVD

SKU: PFG-DVD - Pole Framing & Guying DVD



This 57-minute DVD explains several approaches to framing and guying poles. Demonstrates several approaches to framing poles: single crossarm, multiple crossarm, armless, and vertical construction. Techniques for positioning and installing guy wires are explained. Covers the installation of crossarms and insulators on utility poles. Explains the considerations involved in selecting and positioning guys and anchors. Demonstrates how to install a guy wire

Training Sessions

Principles of Pole Construction - 6 minutes
Describes three basic types of pole construction. Describes general functions that are performed by poles. Describes forces that conductors exert on poles.

Construction Types - 9 minutes
Describes how the three basic pole construction types can be modified to meet different needs.

Framing a Pole, Part 1 - 9 minutes
Describes types of cuts that can be made in a pole. Describes types of bolts and other hardware used in pole framing.

Framing a Pole, Part 2 - 10 minutes
emonstrates how individual components can be put together to frame a pole.

Guys - 13 minutes
Describes commonly used types of guys. Shows how guy wires can be attached to poles, and how guy wires can be anchored.

Guying and Grounding - 10 minutes
Demonstrates procedures for installing anchors and guy wires.