Pole Parts Plus disk

SKU: 773D - Pole Parts Plus disk


Pole Parts Plus is a CAD library of parts and small subassemblies used in T&D systems. It includes drawings of insulators, transformers, capacitors, switches, bolts, brackets, fuses, arresters, guy ends, and anchors. Every drawing is accurate, scaled, and highly detailed. If you can not find a fully-built drawing in one of our other CAD libraries, use these individual parts to build your drawing from scratch. An editable material list is provided with each drawing. You can change the contents of this library to includeonlythe drawings you need. Add your own parts and material lists, logos, and other illustrations, and delete never-used items to make the library friendly, concise, and efficient. Pole Parts Plus provides pictures of generic parts. The disk has two libraries with identical drawing and material lists. One library is for AutoCAD users and has the most advanced features. The other library works with any CAD or graphics softwarethat accepts drawings in DWG format. Pole Parts Plus is compatible with all versions of AutoCAD from R12 forward.

Here are 3 sample drawings which you can open in AutoCAD: