Pole Top Rescue

SKU: PTR-SKL - Pole Top Rescue


How do you quickly and safely rescue your pole partner when he's stuck high up on a pole? Or in a bucket? What do you do first? How do you call for help? What hand tool do you need to have handy? This video has the answers. It demonstrates four live-saving rescue procedures:

Pole-top rescue, when the person is unconscious
Pole-top rescue, when the person is conscious
Rescue from a bucket, using a handline
Rescue from a bucket, using a boom strap

Each rescue is demonstrated, step by important step. It also warns of mistakes to avoid. Rescue procedures from elevated locations are fairly complex. You'll watch this DVD over and over, to learn every detail. Even after you learn these procedures, you'll want everybody in your crew to practice pole-top and bucket truck rescues, periodically. Rescues must be done promptly, correctly, automatically, and by the only other person present.

17 minutes, by Georgia Power