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Safe Work Practices (disk & book)

SKU: 777D - Safe Work Practices (disk & book)


All the files you need to reproduce Safe Work Practices are available on disk in Word format. You get the complete manual - text, table of contents, and glossary. Working with this electronic version avoids the high cost of writing your own safety manual. With the disks you can edit the material to match your own specific requirements, personalize the book with your name and logo, eliminate chapters or individual practices which do not apply to your people, print any quantity exactly when needed, extract sections for use in training sessions or other internal manuals, immediately update the material and keep your employees current, as soon as your work practices change. By ordering the disk, you'll be authorized to use this copyrighted material to develop similar manuals for your own internal use. Why reinvent the wheel? Save time and money by building on this field-proven material on disk.

Available in book format.