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Sharpen Your Hooks Skills

SKU: HOK-SKL - Sharpen Your Hooks Skills


This videoshowshow toinspect and maintain climbing hooks, anddemonstrateshowto improveclimbing skills

First, it shows how to use a gaff gauge to measurethe length, width, and shape of hooks. It show how tocorrect problems by filing, then re-checking. Then, it demonstrates how to testhooks using the plane test against a pole.

Next, itdelivers dozens of practical tips for improvingclimbing skills -- so you climb safer and easier. It demonstrates how to sound a pole before climbing. How to plan a climbing path. How to choose proper climbing boots and hand protection.It demonstratesproper climbing techniques,how to secure yourself at the work location,the proper use of the safety strap,how to descend a pole, and the benefits ofgaff guards.

Every lineman will benefit from the practical information in this video.

15 minutes, by Georgia Power