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The Cable Splicer's Handbook - Ch. 4 Tools

SKU: 517-CH4-DVD - The Cable Splicer's Handbook - Ch. 4 Tools


Chapter 4 - Tools

Special tools are available to make cable-splicing easier and safer. The vendor videos listed below describe these tools and demonstrate how to use them.

Preparing Medium Voltage Cables (Ripley Tools)
These seven videos demonstrate tools used to remove cable jackets and metallic sheaths, score and shave semi-con, chamfer and pencil insulation.

Preparing Medium Voltage Cables (Speed Systems)
These four videos demonstrate tools that remove insulation at the end of a cable and mid-span, and how to chamfer insulation.

Assembling Molded Rubber Splices (Speed Systems)
These two videos demonstrate tools that help you when making in-line splices and T-splices, when using molded rubber kits.

General Tools (Ripley Tools)
These two videos demonstrate a cutter for cutting large cables, and a clamp to use as a stop when stripping cables.