Tree Trimming 1 DVD

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Trees are common throughout the service areas covered by many utilities. When trees grow into, over, or near energized equipment, they can cause interruptions in electrical service, particularly during storms and strong winds. This 35-minute DVD describes the basic concepts of tree trimming, plus some of the hazards and equipment associated with tree trimming work.

Training Sessions

Introduction - 10 minutes
Identifies two kinds of tree trimming jobs typically performed by a utility. Describes factors that influence the frequency of tree trimming and the required line clearances.

Safety Hazards - 10 minutes
Identifies three categories of tree trimming hazards and general guidelines for avoiding each.

Tree Trimming Tools and Equipment, Part 1 - 6 minutes
Identifies three general categories of tree trimming equipment. Describes the types of safety equipment typically used for tree trimming work. Identifies three types of manual tree trimming tools and describes how to use each type safely.

Tree Trimming Tools and Equipment, Part 2 - 9 minutes
Identifies three power sources typically used with power tools for tree trimming work. Describes how to use power pruners and power saws safely.