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Underground Residential Distribution Systems DVD

SKU: UDS-DVD - Underground Residential Distribution Systems DVD



This 57-minute DVD explains how URD systems are connected, along with the basic components they contain. It covers the basic principles of installation and routine maintenance. It also demonstrates basic switching operations. It covers common types of URD systems. Lists and identifies common components of a URD system and describe typical routine maintenance tasks. It also describes switching in a loop system to isolate components without interrupting customer service.

Training Sessions

Types of URD Systems - 11 minutes
Identifies the source of power for a typical URD system. Describes general equipment and design considerations associated with URD systems. Describes the following types of URD system designs: radial feed, loop feed, and double feed.

URD System Components - 10 minutes
Recognizes and identifies various types of URD system equipment. Describes the function of potheads, switchgear, transformers, and protective devices commonly found on URD systems.

Cables and Terminations - 8 minutes
Identifies different types of cable and cable terminators used in URD systems.

URD Equipment Installation - 8 minutes
Describes methods of installing URD cable and URD equipment.

URD System Maintenance - 10 minutes
Describes procedures for checking equipment in an open loop URD system.

Equipment Operation - 10 minutes
Demonstrates the flexibility of a URD system by isolating various components of the system without interrupting service to customers.