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Using Electrical Test Equipment DVD

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A multimeter is an instrument that measures electrical properties such as voltage, current, and resistance. In substations, multimeters are commonly used for testing circuits, making adjustments. This 61-minute DVD explains the purpose and operation of voltage testers, multimeters, clamp-on ammeters, and megohmmeters to measure current, voltage, and resistance. Safety precautions are emphasized throughout. It demonstrates how to perform voltage, current, and resistance measurements using the test equipment discussed.

Training Sessions

Using a Voltage Tester - 8 minutes
States the main purpose of a voltage tester. Names the parts of a voltage tester and explains how a voltage tester works. Lists the steps required to check out a voltage tester and explains why it is necessary to check out a voltage tester before each use. Shows how to use a voltage tester.

Meter Principles - 9 minutes

Lists the two general ways in which meters are classified. Describes the functions of a multimeter, a clamp-on ammeter, and a megohmmeter. Explains how a permanent magnet moving coil (PMMC) meter movement works. Shows how a current measuring device can also be used to measure voltage and resistance.

Using a Multimeter, Part 1 - 12 minutes
Identifies the switches, jacks, and scales on a typical multimeter. Demonstrates how to measure resistance and DC voltage using a multimeter.

Using a Multimeter, Part 2 - 12 minutes
Demonstrates how a multimeter is used to measure DC current and AC voltage.

Using a Clamp-On Ammeter - 8 minutes
Identifies the parts and features of a clamp-on ammeter. Explains how the scales on a clamp-on ammeter are read. Demonstrates how to use a clamp-on ammeter to measure current.

Using a Megohmmeter - 12 minutes
Demonstrates how to operate a megohmmeter. Identifies some of the factors that affect how much resistance insulation has.