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Vacuum Bottle Hi-Pot Testing DVD

SKU: VBO-DVD - Vacuum Bottle Hi-Pot Testing DVD



This 28-minute DVD describes where vacuum interrupters are used in a substation, how they work, and how they are tested. Electrical switchgear, such as circuit breakers and switches, requires regular inspection, maintenance, and testing to ensure that the equipment works as it is designed to work. Although many of the same tasks are performed for different types of switchgear, some tasks are specific to a particular type. For example, switchgear that contains a vacuum bottle interrupter is tested to check the condition of the vacuum in the vacuum bottle.

Training Sessions

Vacuum Interrupter Principles - 6 minutes
Lists common substation applications of vacuum interrupters. Identifies the main parts of a vacuum interrupter. Explains how a vacuum interrupter works. Describes the effect that a slight reduction in vacuum could have on the insulating ability of that vacuum.

Test Principles, Precautions, and Preparations - 12 minutes
Describes the principle of vacuum bottle hi-pot testing. Describes precautions associated with vacuum bottle hi-pot testing. Describes how to prepare a vacuum interrupter for a hi-pot test.

Hi-Pot Setup and Steps - 10 minutes
Explains how to determine where to make the hi-pot test lead connections. Explains how to determine how much voltage to apply to the vacuum interrupter. Explains how to determine how long the test voltage should be applied to the vacuum interrupter. How to evaluate the results of a vacuum bottle hi-pot test.