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Vector Diagrams for Lineman

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Vector Diagrams for Linemen shows how to quickly and correctly draw voltage vector diagrams for any transformer bank. It begins with a review of what vectors are, how transformer bushings are labeled, and how to read transformer nameplates. Then it gives a few simple rules for labeling vector diagrams and a few simple steps for drawing the vectors. These rules and steps work for any combination of delta and wye circuits. Color-coded illustrations then show how to use these steps to draw vector diagrams for any configuration in the field: three-transformer banks, open banks, mid-point connections, and banks with mixed polarity transformers. Drawing vector diagrams is easy when you focus just on what lineworkers need to know. After you finish this book, you'll ask yourself, "Is that all there is to it?." The answer is, "Yes, it's that simple."

8-1/2" x 11" 30 pages, by Mark Anders and Alexander Publications

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