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Care and Testing of Tools and Equipment - Instant Video



This 54-minute video describes and demonstrates how to inspect and care for protective equipment: rubber gloves, sleeves, blankets, line hose, hoods, mechanical jumpers, bucket trucks, and hot sticks. It also defines the objectives of dielectric and acoustic emission tests and explains, in general terms, how these tests are performed.

Training Sessions

Introduction – 10 minutes
Describes tests commonly performed on equipment used on transmission and distribution systems. Shows basic guidelines for keeping tools and equipment in safe operating condition.

Testing Rubber Gloves, Sleeves, and Blankets – 14 minutes
Describes procedures for performing dielectric tests on rubber gloves, sleeves, and blankets. Describes how visual inspections of rubber gloves, sleeves, and blankets are performed in a typical test shop. Describes in general terms how to inspect rubber goods such as gloves, sleeves, and blankets before using them on a job.

Line Hose, Hoods, and Mechanical Jumpers – 9 minutes
Describes general procedures for performing dielectric tests on line hose, hoods, and mechanical jumpers. Describes in general terms how to inspect line hose, hoods, and mechanical jumpers before using them on a job.

Bucket Trucks – 9 minutes
Describes a method for performing a dielectric test on the booms on a double-insulated bucket truck.

Acoustic Emission Testing – 7 minutes
Describes a general procedure for conducting an acoustic emission test on the boom of a bucket truck. Describes some of the checks that should be made during a pre-use inspection of a bucket truck.

Hot Sticks – 5 minutes
Describes how to care for and store hot sticks. Describes how to perform a pre-use inspection on a hot stick. Describes how to use a portable tester to perform a dielectric test on a hot stick.

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