Sharpen Your Hooks and Climbing Skills - DVD

This video shows how to inspect and maintain climbing hooks, and demonstrates how to improve climbing skills

First, it shows how to use a gaff gauge to measure the length, width, and shape of hooks. It show how to correct problems by filing, then re-checking. Then, it demonstrates how to test hooks using the plane test against a pole.

Next, it delivers dozens of practical tips for improving climbing skills -- so you climb safer and easier. It demonstrates how to sound a pole before climbing. How to plan a climbing path. How to choose proper climbing boots and hand protection. It demonstrates proper climbing techniques, how to secure yourself at the work location, the proper use of the safety strap, how to descend a pole, and the benefits of gaff guards. 

Every lineman will benefit from the practical information in this video.

15 minutes, by Georgia Power Item Code: HOK-SKL

$ 95.00