Service Restoration Flowcharts - Interactive Video

These troubleshooting flowcharts show step-by-step procedures that find and fix 14 common service outages. Each full-page block diagram identifies every step, warns of safety hazards, and shows how to get service restored quickly and safely. Use this disk to cover troubleshooting procedures in the classroom — and from a truck laptop in the field as a pre-job refresher. The flowcharts show efficient troubleshooting solutions for these common problems:



Restore Feeder

  • Feeder out
  • Radial feed to one transformer
  • Radial feed to multiple transformers
  • Loop feed
  • Tap with recloser
Restore Equipment
  •  Overhead transformer
  •   Single-phase underground transformer
  •   Three-phase underground transformer
  •   Outdoor lights
Restore Proper Voltage
  •  At conventional transformer
  •   At dual-voltage transformer
  •   Associated with tap setting
  •   At meter - general
  •   At meter - improper line-to-neutral voltage

14 flowcharts, by Georgia Power

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