Barehand Work Practices

Barehand Work Practices covers the principles and exacting procedures for working directly on energized transmission lines, without clumsy sticks or gloves. Linemen are safe because they're at the same potential as the conductor -- they're like birds on a wire. These linemen ride to work on a helicopter. The tricky part is transferring workers and tools on and off energized transmission lines, and that's what this handbook covers. It delivers work practices with step-by-step instructions and computer-precise illustrations for a variety of common tasks performed using the barehand method. It covers how to place a linemen on an energized conductor and how to take him off; change an insulator; install, repair, and splice conductors; install and replace vibration dampers; install and replace marker balls; and rescue an injured worker. This book was written in cooperation with BC Hydro, where barehand work has been the preferred method for working on energized transmission lines for more than 50 years.

8" x 10"  165 pages, by Alexander Publications

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