Anchors (Hubbell Power Systems) - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Square Shaft Anchor Installation – 4 minutes
How to install an anchor using a digger truck. An anchor attached to a square shaft is rotated into the ground. Includes general tips for installing anchors.

Shear Pin Limiter – 4 minutes
Demonstrates the use of a device that measures torque when rotating an anchor into the ground. To measure torque, steel pins are inserted into the collar, and the installation begins. When a preset amount of torque is achieved, the pins shear. This maximum amount of torque on the shaft during rotation into the ground gives a positive indication of the holding power of the anchor.

No-Wrench Anchor – 3 minutes
Step by step, how to attach an anchor to a driving assembly, how to get the anchor started into the ground, and how to finish the installation.

Expanding Anchor – 4 minutes
How to install an expanding anchor ("bust anchor") in an augered hole. Four steps are explained, then demonstrated.

Guy Marker – 2 minutes
How to install a highly-visible yellow plastic marker on a guy

Soil Probe – 4 minutes
How to use a soil probe to determine the condition of the subsoil before an anchor is installed. Instead of digging out a core sample, a probe is rotated into the ground. Torque-wrench readings are taken, then compared with a chart to determine the classification of the soil.

Adjust-a-Grip – 3 minutes
How to attach a guy wire to an anchor.