Basic Line & Equipment Skills

Basic Line and Equipment Skills assumes the reader has no background in line work, and introduces the knowledge and skills required to become a power lineman. Students who complete this material will acquire basic technical and climbing skills and be qualified for further training by an electric utility or contractor. Or they might learn that line work is not what they want as a career. The book covers basic electricity, truck tools, materials used in overhead distribution, wires and wire sizes, ropes and rigging, transformers, fuses, cover-up, grounding, minimum approach distances, and digger-derrick truck operations. The course combines classroom training with field work: climbing poles and working with trucks. This book was carefully assembled by trainers at Georgia Power for pre-apprentice training programs offered by four community colleges in Georgia. Instructors: see 500-INS.

8-1/2" x 11"  165 pages, by Georgia Power and Alexander Publications

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