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Breakers and Switchgear - Instant Video



This 42-minute video explains the basics of how common types of circuit breakers work. It shows how to perform routine mechanical maintenance and electrical tests on circuit breakers.

Training Sessions

Principles of Operation - 13 minutes
Explains how oil, air-magnetic, vacuum, and SF6 circuit breakers open contacts and extinguish arcs. Uses actual breaker hardware and color diagrams. Describes how protection circuits detect line over-currents, over-voltages, and under-voltages, and operate with breakers.

Routine Maintenance – 29 minutes
Shows how to rack out, inspect and clean the interior of air-magnetic and vacuum breakers. Describes how to remove oil from a oil circuit breaker for testing. For SF6 breakers, demonstrates how to perform visual inspections, how to remove and handle SF6 gas. Demonstrates routine electrical tests for all breakers.

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