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If a bucket truck is misused or a failure occurs, an accident can happen. However, certain steps can be taken to minimize the possibility of a bucket truck-related accident. These steps include inspecting equipment, planning jobs with safety in mind, and following all applicable safety procedures. If an accident does occur, crew members must know exactly what to do and how to do it.
This 51-minute video covers a number of aspects of bucket truck safety, including how to avoid accidents, how to lower the boom in an emergency, and how to carry out a bucket truck rescue.

Training Sessions

Pre-use Inspections – 8 minutes
Explains why a bucket truck should be inspected before it is used. Describes a basic procedure for inspecting a bucket truck's boom and bucket. Demonstrates a basic procedure for checking a bucket truck's hydraulic system. Shows a basic procedure for performing an operational check on a bucket truck's boom, bucket, and hydraulic system.

Job Planning– 7 minutes
Lists some factors that can affect how a job is done. Describes safety considerations associated with setting up a bucket truck at a job site. Explains ways a crew can prepare for a bucket truck-related emergency. Describes general actions that crew members can take to ensure that a job is performed safely and efficiently.

Truck Shock Hazards – 9 minutes
Shows how the insulating ability of a typical boom is checked and maintained. Demonstrates methods used to protect personnel from shock hazards.

Emergency Boom Lowering – 9 minutes
Explains how to use a bucket truck's lower controls to lower the boom in an emergency. Shows how to use a bucket truck's auxiliary power system to lower the boom in an emergency. Demonstrates how to bleed a bucket truck's boom holding valves to lower the boom in an emergency. Explains how a line mechanic can use safety equipment to escape from a bucket during an emergency.

Bucket Truck Rescue, Part 1 – 11 minutes
Describes general considerations associated with performing a bucket truck rescue. Demonstrates a basic procedure for performing a bucket truck rescue when the boom can reach the ground and the bucket has a quick-release device.

Bucket Truck Rescue, Part 2 – 7 minutes
Explains what rescue blocks are and how they can be used. Describes a basic procedure for performing a bucket truck rescue using rescue blocks. Covers special circumstances that may affect a bucket truck rescue.

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