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This 57-minute video explains the major parts of a bucket truck, safety features commonly found on bucket trucks, and some pre-use inspections that can be made on a bucket truck. No previous experience in operating bucket trucks is assumed. Covers the major parts and types of bucket trucks, the boom controls, some of the common safety features and overrides, and common pre-use inspections that can be performed on a bucket truck. After watching this lesson, trainees can practice operating the controls of a bucket truck, under the supervision of experienced personnel.

Training Sessions

Introduction to Bucket Trucks – 8 minutes
Identifies the major parts of a bucket truck. Identifies the basic parts of the lift on a bucket truck. Explains the difference between an extensible boom and an articulated boom. Describes the types of buckets that can be found on bucket trucks.

Bucket Truck Hydraulic Systems – 9 minutes
Identifies the major components of a typical bucket truck hydraulic system. Explains how a simple hydraulic system works. Describes how the boom controls on a typical bucket truck are operated.

Capabilities and Limitations – 6 minutes
Defines: travel height, platform height, horizontal reach, and load limit in relation to a bucket truck. Explains how these terms affect bucket truck operation.

Safety Features and Overrides – 7 minutes
Describes safety features and overrides commonly found on bucket trucks. Explains how bucket truck safety features and overrides generally operate.

Pre-Use Inspection, Part 1 – 10 minutes
Describes general procedures for making a visual inspection of a bucket truck including: hydraulic system inspection, battery inspection, upper boom cable inspection.k How to check for fraying, heat damage, corrosion, kinking, and birdcaging. Also covers boom and bucket inspection, and other general checks.

Pre-Use Inspection, Part 2 – 17 minutes
Describe general procedures for making pre-use operational checks on a bucket truck including: testing the pedestal and bucket controls, testing the auxiliary power system, final checks.

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