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Watthour Meter Accuracy Testing 1 - Instant Video



This 30-minute video covers the basics of meter testing. Explains the concepts of comparison testing, mechanical reference standards, and several types of loading devices. Demonstrates procedures for field testing a typical single-phase residential meter.

Training Sessions

Accuracy Testing Methods – 8 minutes
Describes the time-watt method of testing a watthour meter’s accuracy. Explains how to use the time-load method to estimate a watthour meter’s accuracy. Describes the comparison method of testing a watthour meter’s accuracy.

Portable Watthour Standards – 12 minutes
Describes a rotating standard. Describes a solid-state standard. Explains the resistance-load method of supplying a load to a standard and a meter under test. Shows how a phantom load can be used to supply a load to a standard and a meter under test.

Meter Field Test Connections – 10 minutes
Describes test jacks and test leads used to field test a socket-type watthour meter. Explains how various types of test equipment can be connected to a socket-type watthour meter in the field.

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