Cables and Conductors 1 – Low Voltage - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

How a Conductor is Constructed
Classifications and Ratings
Selecting a Conductor
Training Sessions

How a Conductor is Constructed – 6 minutes
Defines the differences between “conductor” and “cable.” Explains that conductors can be bare or insulated, solid or stranded, jacketed, and sheathed.

Classifications and Ratings – 11 minutes
Describes the standards used to measure wire sizes. Explains how to select a conductor with the appropriate insulation rating, voltage rating.

Selecting a Conductor – 13 minutes
Demonstrates the procedure for selecting the right conductor for the job, using data in an ampacity table and an insulation table.

Splices – 12 minutes
Demonstrates how conductors are spliced using wire nuts, sleeves, split-bolts, and lugs.

Installation – 11 minutes
Explains how to select the correct conductor for a job, also considering surge (motor-starting current), voltage drop over the length of the wire, and available conduit size. Demonstrates how to install conductors in a conduit, from a control box to a motor.

Terminations – 5 minutes
Describes popular wire terminations. Demonstrates how to attach them to conductors and apply insulating tape.