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This 53-minute video explains the use of basic climbing equipment, basic techniques of free and belted climbing, and the care and maintenance of climbing equipment. Some basic climbing situations typically encountered by new climbers on a job are described. Demonstrates the equipment used for climbing wooden poles. Explains how to determine the proper fit of equipment, how equipment is cared for and maintained, and how equipment is tested and inspected. Also shows the basic techniques of free and belted climbing and how to maneuver around a pole.

Training Sessions

Pole Climbing Equipment – 9 minutes
Identifies the basic equipment used for climbing wooden poles. Demonstrates two methods of determining the proper fit of a body belt. Demonstrates how to determine the proper fit of climbers. Lists and explains the basic components of a safety strap.

Use, Maintenance, and Inspection of Climbing Equipment – 9 minutes
Shows the proper way to wear climbers. Demonstrates techniques of sharpening, gauging, and testing gaffs. Explains the basic considerations for inspecting equipment prior to climbing.

Basic Climbing Techniques, Part 1 – 11 minutes
Explains and demonstrates the basic techniques for making a free ascent and descent.

Basic Climbing Techniques, Part 2 – 7 minutes
Explains basic guidelines for storing and attaching a safety strap. Demonstrates the basic techniques for belted climbing.

Basic Climbing Techniques, Part 3 – 7 minutes
Demonstrates the proper techniques for safetying-on and safetying-off. Describes basic methods of adjusting a safety strap while working on a pole. Demonstrates and explains the basic technique of maneuvering around a pole.

Climbing On the Job – 10 minutes
Explains the basic guidelines for planning a climbing job from the ground, and for performing basic climbing tasks.

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