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Training Sessions

Continuous Safety Improvement
Controlling Hazards
Following Safety Procedures
Building a Positive Safety Culture
Training Sessions

Introduction– 2 minutes
A utility's most valuable asset is its operating personnel. Any injury is a waste of human resources. It's a constant battle to eliminate accidents.

Continuous Safety Improvement – 4 minutes
Every workplace can be made safer through the circular process of continuous safety improvement. How to classify accidents. Even minor incidents can suggest valuable improvements.

Controlling Hazards – 3 minutes
Hazards that can not be eliminated must be controlled. Find a safer alternative. Document, then follow all safe work practices.

Following Safety Procedures – 5 minutes
Most safety procedures were developed in response to accidents. These examples are shown: getting in and out of vehicles, protecting work areas with cones, correctly positioning ladders, shoring to prevent trench cave-ins, electrical safety during tree trimming, entry into confined spaces, meter socket checks.

Building a Positive Safety Culture – 4 minutes
Productivity and safety are allies — not enemies. By focusing on continuous safety improvement, you eliminate substandard practices that are the underlying cause of accidents. Most accidents are preventable.