Customer Relations and High Bill Complaints – Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Customer Relations, Part 1
Customer Relations, Part 2
High Bill Complaints
Training Sessions

Customer Relations, Part 1 – 8 minutes
Describes ways in which a meter technician can achieve a proper on-the-job appearance. Describes some of the ways that a meter technician can help ensure a proper level of job preparedness.

Customer Relations, Part 2 – 11 minutes
Explains what job awareness is and why it is important for meter technicians. Describes a proper attitude for a meter technician. Explains why it is important to be knowledgeable about the equipment and procedures used on the job.

High Bill Complaints – 11 minutes
Identifies causes of high electrical bills. Explains how to use the watt-load check method to determine if a meter reading is accurate. Describes a procedure for troubleshooting a high bill complaint at a single-phase residential meter installation.