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Distribution Line Safety - DVD

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One of the purposes of grounding an overhead line during maintenance work is to protect workers if the line becomes energized. This 29-minute DVD shows how an isolated or de-energized overhead line can become energized, and uses Ohm’s law to determine current flow in a grounded overhead line that has become energized. Also covers grounding procedures that protect workers from fault currents.

Training Sessions
Grounding – 11 minutes

Defines the terms energized, isolated, and de-energized with respect to overhead line work. Describes ways which an isolated or de-energized line can become energized. Shows a typical procedure for grounding an isolated overhead line.

Equipotential Grounding – 10 minutes
Uses Ohm’s law to describe current flow in a de-energized overhead line during a ground fault condition. Defines the term zone of equipotential. Describes a method that can be used to establish a zone of equipotential.

Equipotential Grounding Connections – 8 minutes
Describes how grounding equipment can be used to create a zone of equipotential on a three-phase overhead line.

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