Electrical Safety and Tree Trimming - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Line Clearing
Effects of Electric Shock
Power Distribution
Live-Line Tools
Safe Working Methods
Training Sessions

Line Clearing – 3 minutes
A basic overview of electricity and current flow.

Effects of Electric Shock – 3 minutes
Explains the relationship between resistance and current flow. Demonstrates how small amounts of current can injure a worker.

Power Distribution – 5 minutes
Introduction to electrical power distribution. Precautions to take when working near energized lines. An overview of terms arborists need to know: recloser, hold-off, isolated, and de-energized.

Live-Line Tools – 6 minutes
Covers the care and use of hand tools and equipment used when working around energized lines: rubber gloves, pole pruners, bucket trucks. 

Safe Working Methods – 5 minutes
Emphasizes the importance of communication between workers. Gives an overview of safe work practices. Describes limits of approach, special hazards when the trees or branches fall, rules to follow when working near energized lines.