Electrical Safety - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Introduction to Electrical Safety
Protective Devices
Switching and Tagging
Protective Grounding
Field Scenario
Training Sessions

Introduction to Electrical Safety – 7 minutes
Explains why arcs, faults, and the invisibility of electricity can be dangerous. Describes general safety practices that apply to most electrical jobs

Protective Devices – 8 minutes
Explains what a protective device is. Shows how fuses, circuit breakers, and reclosers operate in an electrical system to reduce the dangers created by faults.

Switching and Tagging – 10 minutes
Describes the procedures of switching and tagging. Explains how switching and tagging help protect workers from electrical hazards.

Testing – 10 minutes
Explains why testing for dead is important. Shows how noisy testers, statiscopes, and phasing test sets are used to test de-energized circuits.

Protective Grounding – 9 minutes
Explains what protective grounding is. Shows how a de-energized line can become energized accidentally. Describes the differences between a ground switch and a temporary ground. Demonstrates one way a temporary ground can be installed.

Field Scenario – 7 minutes
Describes how switching, tagging, testing for dead, and grounding can help make lines safe for maintenance and repair work.