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This 36-minute video examines methods that residential and commercial customers have used to steal electrical service. The unit starts with some very basic techniques and moves on to more complex forms of diversion that might go undetected without close examination. Emphasis is on detection techniques and verification procedures.

Training Sessions

Methods of Energy Diversion, Part 1 – 8 minutes
Defines revenue protection and energy diversion. Identifies two basic types of energy diversion. Explains how a meter can be bypassed.

Methods of Energy Diversion, Part 2 – 11 minutes
Describes common methods of exploiting a meter’s vulnerable points and explains how this type of tampering can be detected by meter personnel. Describes three common methods of altering a meter.

Diversion Protection – 9 minutes
Describes methods that utilities use to avoid energy diversion. Shows three basic methods that are commonly used to detect energy diversion.

Proving Diversion – 8 minutes

Describes how electronic tap detection can be used to provide evidence of energy diversion. Explains how series metering can be used to provide evidence of energy diversion.

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Energy Diversion - Study Guide
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Energy Diversion - Instructor Guide
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