Frequently Asked Questions With Answers

Frequently Asked Questions With Answers compiles answers to 200 common questions field workers pose to their home-office experts. Armed with this compact book, workers won't spend time phoning for answers. Home office people won't keep answering the same questions. And everyone receives consistent answers to their questions. FAQs cover: codes and clearances; distribution design; grounding; material specifications; metering; overhead construction; overhead work practices; safety; services; street lights; substations; tools; transmission; underground construction; underground work practices; and vegetation management. Looking for a topic for a rainy-day safety session? Pick any of these FAQs. This book is also available as an editable database on disk. With the disk you can edit the file, then upload it to your company server for access by everyone. See 776D.

5" x 7" 120 pages, by Alexander Publications

Item Code: 776

$ 16.95