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This 54-minute video explains basic AC power theory. It focuses on the relationships between various types of power and on the functions of transformers, voltage regulators, and capacitors in a distribution system. Defines apparent power, true power, reactive power, and power factor and explains the meaning of each term in the context of three-phase AC distribution systems. Describes how delta and wye configurations affect voltage and current and how voltage regulators and capacitors are used to affect the power factor in a three-phase distribution system.

Training Sessions

Power – 9 minutes
Defines power in terms of voltage and current. Defines the terms apparent power, true power, and reactive power. Describes the relationships between apparent power, true power, reactive power, and power factor in a single-phase AC circuit. Calculates power factor, given true power and apparent power.

Three-Phase Power – 12 minutes
Defines three-phase power. Explains how single-phase power and the square root of 3 are related to three-phase power. Calculates true power in a three-phase system. Lists some of the advantages a three-phase system offers over a single-phase system.

Delta and Wye Configurations – 12 minutes
Draws a simplified electrical diagram of a delta-configured transformer and a wye-configured transformer. Explains how a delta-configured transformer and a wye-configured transformer affect current and voltage in a three-phase distribution system. Lists some common applications for delta- and wye-connected transformers in a three-phase distribution system.

Voltage Regulator Applications – 12 minutes
Describes the function of a voltage regulator in a distribution system. Explains how a step voltage regulator and an induction voltage regulator operate, and how they affect voltage in a distribution system.

Capacitor Applications – 8 minutes
Describes how capacitor banks are connected into a distribution system. Explains how capacitor banks adjust power factor.

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