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Poletop Equipment and Replacement 1 - Instant Video



This 56-minute video explains safe procedures for the replacement of cutouts, switches, sectionalizers, and reclosers. Routine maintenance of poletop switches is also described and demonstrated. Also covers how to re-fuse a cutout. Shows how to check the contacts and general operation of an overhead switch, and replace the switch if necessary. Covers how to identify problems in sectionalizers and reclosers, and how to replace them if necessary.

Training Sessions

Introduction – 11 minutes
Describes how fused cutouts, reclosers, and sectionalizers are used to provide coordinated protection for a distribution system. Describes two examples of coordinated system protection.

Cutouts – 10 minutes
Describes how to replace a fuse in a fused cutout. Shows how to safely replace a fused cutout.

Reclosers – 9 minutes
Describes ways that reclosers can be classified. Describes the operating cycles and operation of two types of recloser control mechanisms.

Recloser Replacement – 9 minutes
Describes the tasks involved in safely replacing a recloser. Demonstrates one method of safely de-energizing, rigging, and replacing a three-phase electronic recloser.

Gang-Operated Switch Maintenance – 10 minutes
Describes the basic operation of one type of gang-operated switch. Identifies problems typically associated with gang-operated switches. Demonstrates how to safely inspect and troubleshoot a gang-operated switch.

Gang-Operated Switch Replacement – 7 minutes
Demonstrates a procedure for safely replacing a gang-operated switch.

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