Line Construction Drawings

Line Construction Drawings has 302 field-proven construction standards for overhead, underground, and meter installations. These designs meet the standards set by RUS, NESC, and NEC. The library includes 30 transmission drawings, 165 distribution drawings, 6 street lighting drawings, 42 meter wiring drawings, 5 tree trimming drawings, 45 underground distribution drawings, and 12 optical ground wire drawings. These drawings are similar in appearance to RUS drawings and meet or exceed RUS standards. Some designs are a bit more conservative -- for example, they show two bell insulators at a deadend where RUS drawing use just one. While the RUS++ library has more drawings, this library has the most-used drawings, and it includes drawings on tree trimming and optical ground wire (OPGW) not in the RUS library.

Available on disk in PDF format.Ā 

AvailableĀ on disk in editable DWG R14 format.

8-1/8" x 10-1/2"Ā  325 pages, by TVPPA

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