Live Line Work Practices

Live Line Work Practices shows safe and efficient ways to use hot sticks when working on energized lines. It begins with a review of rigging because rigging is often used when working on poles or towers. Most of the rest of the book is step-by-step procedures (4 to 8 pages each) for performing common tasks on energized conductors: replacing crossarms, replacing insulators, changing timbers, and reconductoring. The procedures are organized by line voltage because the exact procedures vary with voltage. About two-thirds of the procedures cover work on transmission lines, one-third are on distribution. Also describes re-stringing distribution and transmission lines, working with helicopters, and washing transmission insulators. More than 400 informative illustrations and loads of practical, field-tested information. We call it the Million Dollar book because that's about what it cost to write.

8" x 10"  523 pages, by Alexander Publications

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$ 89.00