Material Handling Bucket Trucks - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Winch, Jib, and Lifting Attachments
Lift Capacity
Truck and Boom Positioning
Lifting a Transformer
Lifting Conductors
Training Sessions

Introduction – 8 minutes
Explains why a material handling bucket truck can lift heavy loads without additional equipment or special rigging. Compares and contrasts a material handling bucket truck with a basic bucket truck. 

Winch, Jib, and Lifting Attachments – 6 minutes
Describes the basic operation of a winch and a jib. Describes the use of conductor lifting attachments.

Lift Capacity – 9 minutes
Defines lift capacity. Describes conditions that can affect lift capacity. Explains how data plates, lift capacity charts, and load indicators are used.

Truck and Boom Positioning – 6 minutes
Describes some of the conditions that can affect truck positioning. Explains overcenter positioning and conventional positioning of the upper boom.

Lifting a Transformer – 7 minutes
Describes basic preparations for lifting jobs that involve the use of a material handling bucket truck. Describes one way to install a poletop transformer using a material handling bucket truck. Defines deflection and explains how safety hazards presented by deflection can be avoided. 

Lifting Conductors – 10 minutes
Describes three types of conductor lifting attachments: hooks, single-phase wire holders, and three-phase wire lifters. Explains how these attachments are used.