Materials Handling Bucket Truck - DVD

$ 95.00


This 21-minute DVD discusses the unique challenges of operating a materials handling bucket truck. In general, these challenges are similar to operating a regular bucket truck, but the loads can be much larger. This video covers stability principles, mechanical limitations, job-site setup, capacity charts, and tips for truck operators.

Training Sessions

Introduction – 6 minutes
A brief overview of bucket truck history. Introduces the principle of the center of gravity using visual demonstrations. Applies this principle to the safe and unsafe use of a bucket truck.

Vehicle Setup – 7 minutes
Describes four steps that make a bucket truck secure. Position the vehicle properly -- not where the boom will be used in a horizontal position. Park where the outriggers can be fully extended. Level the vehicle in both directions. Plan the lift, use the load chart on the vehicle.

Carrying Out a Lift – 3 minutes
Identifies four steps for safely carrying out a lift. Check the weight of the load. Perform a dry run. Check the load chart for each step of the lift. Watch the boom angles during the lift.

Jib & Winch – 7 minutes
Before a lift, check the jib and winch weight ratings. Tips for using the jib safety including mechanical limitations, electrical hazards, and dangers to personnel. Tips and guidelines for using the winch and winch line safely.

Item Code: MHB-SAF