Meter Installation Safety - DVD

$ 95.00


This 22-minute DVD begins by showing what can happen if you're careless while installing a meter. Then, it describes personal protective equipment for meter installers, basic functions of a multimeter, pre-installation visual wiring checks, meter base electrical checks, and electrical connections to revenue meters.

Training Sessions

Introduction – 6 minutes
Starts by showing a startling simulation of a meter blowing up because it was inserted into a socket wired wrong. Now that we have your attention, this session covers safety equipment, installation tools, and testers that meter installers use.

Meter Base Electrical Checks – 9 minutes
Demonstrates pre-installation checks for a socket-type meter being installed for a single-phase, three-wire residential service. Describes the visual wiring checks, and electrical checks for incoming voltage, load side backfeed, load side ground faults, and load side phase-to-phase faults. How to temporarily bypass a meter so the customer's service is not interrupted when the meter is removed.

Transformer-Type Meter Connection – 3 minutes
A brief overview of instrument transformers and how they work. Explains the differences between self-contained meters, and meters used with instrument transformers. Important extra safety precautions to follow when working with instrument transformers and transformer-rated meters.

Item Code: MIS-SAF