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This 50-minute video describes the basic layout of overhead distribution systems. It explains how to identify circuits and equipment in the field, and introduces delta- and wye-connected distribution systems. It shows the basic layout of an overhead distribution system and identifies circuits and equipment in the field. Covers the importance of identifying whether a system is connected delta or wye, before any work is performed.

Training Sessions

Distribution Systems Layout – 6 minutes
Identifies the major components of a typical overhead distribution system. Distinguishes between primary and secondary distribution systems. Identifies common overhead distribution system layouts. Identifies the major line sections of an overhead distribution system.

Poles, Pole Hardware, and Conductors – 8 minutes
Identifies different types of distribution poles and pole hardware. Identifies overhead distribution conductors.

Poletop Equipment – 11 minutes
Identifies the following types of distribution poletop equipment: transformers, voltage regulators, capacitors, reclosers, sectionalizers, fused cutouts, surge arresters, static wires, and gang-operated air switches.

Delta and Wye Primary Systems – 11 minutes
Describes the winding connections for a substation transformer in a delta primary system, and in a wye primary system. Explains how to distinguish between delta systems and wye systems.

34.5 kV Primary System – 6 minutes
Identifies a 34.5 kV primary distribution system. Explains the function of a dual-voltage transformer.

Troubleshooting – 8 minutes
Describes some common steps for locating and isolating trouble on an overhead distribution system.

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