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This 57-minute video covers the basic principles of operation of pad-mounted transformers and switchgear, the types of equipment that are in common use, and how they are connected. It also presents the basic principles of pad-mounted transformer and switchgear inspection and troubleshooting, and shows an example of how to detect a problem with one leg of a three-phase transformer.

Training Sessions

Pad-Mounted Transformers – 12 minutes
Describes the general construction and features of a pad-mounted transformer.

Pad-Mounted Transformer Installation – 7 minutes
Describes an installation procedure for a three-phase, pad-mounted transformer that includes the following steps: site preparation, transformer installation, and testing.

Troubleshooting a Three-Phase Transformer, Part 1 – 13 minutes Defines and describes the symptoms of: one leg open, ferroresonance, off-ratio winding, and open neutral.

Troubleshooting a Three-Phase Transformer, Part 2 – 6 minutes Demonstrates how the troubleshooting process can be used to isolate the cause of a problem in a three-phase, pad-mounted transformer.

Pad-Mounted Switchgear – 11 minutes
Identifies two types of pad-mounted switchgear. Describes the use of pad-mounted switchgear to sectionalize and isolate a URD system. Describes typical physical and operational checks for pad-mounted switchgear.

Pad-Mounted Switchgear Operation – 8 minutes
Demonstrates the use of pad-mounted switchgear to sectionalize and isolate equipment in an underground feeder system.

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