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This 31-minute video discusses when and where various meters should be used. Blondel's theorem is introduced and used to show how a polyphase system is accurately metered. Explains how balanced and unbalanced polyphase systems are metered.

Training Sessions

    Metering Polyphase Systems – 10 minutes
    States the characteristics of delta systems and wye systems. States Blondel's theorem and describes how it can be applied to meter a three-phase, four-wire wye system, and to a three-phase, three-wire delta system.

      Polyphase Meters – 10 minutes
      Describes the features of a three-phase, three-wire socket-type meter, and describes how it can be connected to meter a three-phase, three-wire delta system. Describes the features of a three-element meter, and describes how a three-element socket-type meter can be connected to meter a three-phase four-wire wye system.

      Balanced and Unbalanced Loads – 11 minutes
      Defines balanced load and unbalanced load. Describes how a balanced load and an unbalanced load on a polyphase system can be accurately metered.

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