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Principles of Magnetism - DVD

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This 36-minute DVD examines various aspects of magnetism, how it occurs naturally in the world, and how it can be reproduced in electromagnets. It also demonstrates the characteristics of magnets, electromagnets, and their function in electric metering.

Training Sessions

Magnetism – 8 minutes
Defines: permanent magnet, magnetic field, lines of force, flux density. Identifies and describes four characteristics of magnets.

Electromagnetism – 8 minutes
Defines electromagnetism. Describes an electromagnet. Identifies and describes characteristics of electromagnets. Demonstrates the right-hand rule for a conductor and for a coil.

Induction – 11 minutes
Defines induction and identifies the requirements for induction. Identifies two factors that determine the direction of an induced voltage. Demonstrates the right-hand rule for induced voltage.

Motor Action – 9 minutes
Explains the principle of motor action.

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