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Most substation power transformers contain oil. The oil is sampled and tested on a regular basis. This 34-minute video describes the purpose of power transformer oil testing, how to take oil samples, and the principles of performing field and lab oil tests.

Training Sessions

 The Purpose of Transformer Oil Testing – 3 minutes
States the function of transformer oil. Identifies common factors that cause transformer oil to deteriorate. Identifies common oil decay products.

Oil Dielectric Test Set – 5 minutes
Describes the purpose of the dielectric breakdown strength test. Describes the principle of performing a dielectric breakdown strength test. Identifies the basic components of a typical dielectric breakdown strength test set.

Dielectric Breakdown Strength Test – 6 minutes
Describes how to prepare an oil dielectric test set for testing. Describes how to perform a dielectric breakdown strength test. Describes how breakdown test results are typically recorded.

Oil Sample Taking – 10 minutes
Explains why it is important to take clean samples for field oil tests. Identifies contaminants that oil must be protected from during sampling. Describes precautions that must be taken to ensure that oil samples are not contaminated during sampling. Describes how to take an oil sample for lab testing using a glass bottle and a glass syringe kits.

Lab Tests – 10 minutes
Describes the purpose of each of the following lab oil tests: interfacial tension, neutralization number, moisture content, and dissolved gas. Briefly describes how each of the lab oil tests is performed.

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