Pre-Trip Truck Inspection - DVD

$ 95.00


This 16-minute DVD explains how to perform pre-trip safety inspections on digger derrick and bucket trucks.

Training Sessions

Circle Check – 3 minutes
What and how to inspect the outside and inside of the vehicle during the initial walk-around.

Engine Compartment – 1/4 minutes
How to check the air filter, air compressor, belts, battery, and fluid levels.

Cab – 1/4 minutes
Shows vehicle paper work for each driver to complete. Demonstrates in-cab checks of the horn, fuel, steering play, heater and defroster, wipers and washer, lights and flashers.

Brakes – 5 minutes
How to test the parking brake and air brakes for proper operation. Shows how to chock the wheels to test the low brake pressure warning signal. How to test air pressure build up, governor settings, air leaks, and slack adjusters.

Hydraulics – 7minutes
Demonstrates how to inspect the hydraulic system to make sure it is clean, leak-free, and functioning correctly.

Item Code: PRE-SAF