Rigging 2 - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Rigging Safety
Structural Safety
Transformer Rigging
Rigging a Running Corner
Crossarm Changeout
Transferring Secondary Lines
Training Sessions

Rigging Safety – 13 minutes
Presents three rules for rigging safely: plan the job, inspect the rigging equipment, use the equipment properly. Describes common rigging items: rope, sling, block and tackle, hoist, gin pole.

Structural Safety – 10 minutes Describes and demonstrates how mechanical forces added by rigging can affect a structure. Covers tensile, compressive, and shearing stresses, using a utility pole as an example. Also describes stress limits, safety factor.

Transformer Rigging – 9 minutes
Shows how to use rigging to replace three single-phase pole-mounted transformers, with larger units. Demonstrates use of a gin pole, slings, blocks, tag lines, fall lines.

Rigging a Running Corner – 6 minutes
Describes and demonstrates how to use rigging to move and support a phase line while replacing an insulator. Then, how to return the phase line to its original position.

Crossarm Changeout – 8 minutes
Shows how to use rigging when changing out a double crossarm. These steps are demonstrated: Install temporary crossarms, move the primary phases to the temporary crossarms, remove and replace the old crossarms, move the primaries to the new crossarms, remove the temporary crossarms.

Transferring Secondary Lines – 8 minutes Describes and demonstrates how to transfer energized secondary phase lines from one utility pole, to another. Shows why the crew members must work as a coordinated team to accomplish this task safely.