Safe Wood Pole Handling - Watch Instant Video

Training Sessions

Pole Installation
Pole Removal
Training Sessions

Introduction– 7 minutes
A brief history of wooden poles as used by electric utilities. Preparing for a pole installation: Jobsite planning, permits, and community awareness. Selecting a pole trailer. How to move poles in the pole yard, and load the trailer.

Pole Installation– 8 minutes
How to install cover-up on energized lines and ground the truck, if necessary. Creating the hole to accept the pole, by using an auger on a truck, and digging by hand. Raising the pole and placing it in the hole. Straightening the pole, and filling in around it.

Pole Removal– 5 minutes
Preparing to remove the pole. Installing cover-up or grounding nearby energized conductors. Installing and operating a pole jack to lift the pole free of the ground. Maneuvering the pole, and loading it on a pole trailer. Filling the old hole and cleaning up the work site.